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There when you can't be

  • Real Time Data Delivery

    Vitals™ beacons deliver the most up-to-date information within a users profile; ensuring first responders have the most pertinent information for critical moments. 

  • 80-feet of Protection

    Feel safer with 80+ feet of protection surrounding you or a loved one. Our Vitals™ beacons act as a 80-foot protective bubble. First responders who are within and only within this 80 foot proximity of a Vitals™ beacon will get notified of the individual's profile. Providers and educators with certified access to Vitals™ Network beacons will also get notified.

  • Critical Information Protected

    Lose your beacon? No need to worry! Our Vitals™ beacons were created to act as a bluetooth transmitter. They do not store or hold any of your information. 

A beacon right for you

Each Vitals™ beacon has been created to meet the needs of our new and existing users. Designed with bluetooth technology, first responders, providers and educators, when in proximity of our Vitals™ beacons, are notified about the individual's information in real-time. See our different form factors below!

Our Beacons

Gain peace of mind

Be at greater peace-of-mind knowing that the information most critical about you or a loved one is protected and provided to first responders in real time, allowing for safer interactions, better understanding and greater independence. 

Wristband Beacon


Are your beacons free?

When an individual signs up for the Vitals™ Premium Plan, they receive one free standard keychain beacon. Individuals who choose to sign up for the Vitals™ Classic Plan will need to purchase a beacon or use our Vitals™ Profile App. This app works like any of our beacons and is available on Android phones (iOS coming soon). Any additional or replacement beacons must be purchased at our Vitals Store and or $20 each. If Vitals Premium Caregiver users have multiple individuals (profiles) under one account, they will need to purchase beacons for those profiles or use the Vitals™ Profile App.

What is the Vitals™ Profile App?

The Vitals™ Profile App is a non-physical beacon that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store or Apple StoreWe offer the Profile App as an option for individuals who do not want our keychain or card beacons Android phones may use the profile app as an actual beacon that uses bluetooth. IOS phones may use the profile app, but it will not act as a bluetooth beacon, only a profile preview when the app is open. 

What happens if I lose my beacon?

If a beacon is lost or misplaced, please contact support. There is no data being stored on the beacon which means no one will be able to access your data or information. By contacting us, we can deactivate the lost beacon from the profile and begin activating a new one. Replacement beacons are $20. 

How do I know that battery life of my beacon?

You can check the battery life of each beacon by going into your Vitals™ Caregiver app, and click on “beacons” within the profile. Make sure your beacon is in close proximity and your smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on for an optimal reading. Swipe down to refresh – the battery life will show next to the beacon number.

One thing to keep in mind, our beacons hold a CR2032 coin-cell battery. These batteries can last anywhere from 4-5 months. Another way to check if your beacon is on is to simply pop the beacon out and place it back in - a light will flicker and appear. 

What if I am with a first responder and my beacon does not ping?

If you are within proximity of a first responder that is utilizing the Vitals™ First Responder App and their phone does not notify them of your profile, there could be a couple possibilities: 

- Beacon may be low or out of batteries

- Beacon may still have a plastic strip in it (beacon is off) 

- Notifications settings for the First Responder App may be off or on silent 

- Bluetooth is not turned on in the first responder's phone 

- First responder may still be in the "off duty" mode